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Izabella Brovan – On Now Pale Silhouettes



Imagine a dark room, with pops of a flash going off. This strobe of light illuminates something you were not supposed to see. Yet, nothing is described other than what is revealed by the light, or given in the frame. You enter a private moment as if it has waited for your arrival. My photographs are scenes set up on a sparse stage, capturing moments in time when a person has been cut off from the rest of the world. Simple vignettes, made to draw you in. Like the director who skews the spectator’s understanding through use of the photographic frame, curiosity forces you to become the detective, the person observing from the closet.

                                                 – – –
When the true context of an image is left out, you are left to obtain meaning from mystery. In the end, I leave the stage, as you leave the theater and the image, realizing not that art is a substitute for life, but a refuge from the place we otherwise exist.


Izabella Provan

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