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Spiros Zervoudakis – Trap



This is my attempt to build visual bridges between two parallel worlds of fantasy and reality.

The enclosed undersea world is dreamy. Aquatic creatures (mythical creatures) and humans coexist in alien, utopian landscapes. They live beyond the limits of imagination and develop their actions in the dark liquid realm.

The light—absolute and whitewashed—delineates boundaries. Heroes emerge from total darkness conspiratorially. Lightning strikes the intruder; the unsuspecting viewer is now inadvertently involved.

The man in the reflection is free from any presumptions about owning this world.

Elicited dreams mutate into extraterrestrial nightmares.


Spiros Zervoudakis was born in Athens.

He studied Mathematics in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki , continued with
Post Graduate studies (Msc) in Applied Mathematics in the Technical University of Crete
and Philosophy of Mathematics in National University of Athens.

His occupation with photography started when he attended classes on Photography in the Photographic Group of “Aristotle” University of Thessaloniki and continued by attending international seminars and lectures.

He has presented his work in individual and group Exhibitions both in Greece and abroad. His works are exhibited
in the “Benaki Museum” (Athens), in the Benetton Foundation’s collection, in “Contemporary Art Museum – Olivepress”
(Chania) as well as in many private collections in Greece and abroad.

He lives, works and creates in the city of Chania, Crete.


Spiros Zervoudakis

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