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Yurian Quintanas Nobel – Indago


“Indago” aims to approach and explore in an unhurried way the closest natural environment to reflect through their details, moods and personal thoughts about the outward appearance of things and how this influences the our vision of the world surrounding. “The mountain always looks majestic from a distance, but what happens if I get closer?”


Yurian Quintanas Nobel was born in Amsterdam in 1983. He is currently living in Catalunya Yurian. His personal photographic projects focus on documenting people and their environment. After studying a specialization course in photojournalism at IDEP (Barcelona), he had the opportunity to assist recognized photographers from National Geographic including Tino Soriano and Annie Griffiths Belt.

In the last years Yurian has won awards and fellowships including: the 1st prize of the Vanguardia Magazine, (2007), the scholarship of the “XIII International Meetings Gijon photojournalism” (2009), and an honorable mention in the “Travel Photographer of the Year” (2011).


Yurian Quintanas Nobel

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