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Robert Larson – LA Nights: Wanna Get Outta Here?



The rumors are all true; Los Angeles can be an incredibly lonely place to live. Most residents fall into one of two categories: the natives having been raised here, and the explorers who arrived in search of mythical treasure.

When it comes to self-promotion, natives simply can’t compete. The explorers are like rats: hungry and so willing to take risks. They crawled here, tooth and claw, making untold sacrifices along the way. For ten years I worked as a freelance event photographer, watching these Angeleno natives and their explorer counterparts desperately collide with one another for a photograph.

But no matter how believable the performance, the truth could always be found between acts or behind closed doors; desperation from explorers and distance from the natives. Exposed occasionally on film, though never to each other. – Robert Larson


Robert is represented by Getty Images; his essay, The Food Runner, won first place in PDN’s 2014 The Look, and his long term project, The Summer of Our Lives, was shortlisted for the Burn Magazine 2014 Emerging Photographer Fund. His images have been featured by editors on The New York Times LENS Blog, Photo District News Emerging Photographer, Los Angeles Times, Lens Culture and

Robert lives in Atwater Village with his wife and two dogs.


Robert Larson



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