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Al Brydon – As We Wander…


Walking, watching, reacting…

One day you’ll make the last photograph you will ever make.

The shutter will fire for the last time. What will your last ever photograph mean? Surely, as it’s the last one, it will be special? You probably won’t know. Unless it’s a conscious decision, you won’t be around to see it. Maybe no one ever will ever see it.

It’s most likely that the landscape I’m inhabiting will still be there long after I’m gone. I’m trying to comprehend this. The massive amount of time during which its contours are moulded by both natural and unnatural manipulation.

I find it extremely comforting to know that after I’ve made my last photograph of the landscape it will continue to exist. It will change as nature claims it and humankind alters it.

‘As We Wander’ is about the solidity of my surroundings and my own fluidity. I am a visitor for an all too brief time. I will end. You will end. The landscape will remain. – Al Brydon

All Images ©Al Brydon


Al Brydon


‘As We Wander’ is now currently available for pre-order through Another Place Magazine

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