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Allan Kristiansen – Selected Works



The photos that I submitted here are focussed on geometric shapes, lines, patterns, shadows and reflections of the banal. I like taking photos of things that everyone passes by everyday without noticing it – the beauty and simplicity of a handrail for example. By taking a photo of everyday things I try to show the beauty of the banal in a urban scenery and make it into an artwork in and by itself. The subjects that I’m mostly drawn to are the inanimate objects that I pass by when walking on the streets – I often wait quite a while for people to go out of the shot that I’m interested in.

All of these photos were shot on Kodak Tri-x on a Canon AE-1, Olympus XA or Mju II.


Allan Kristiansen


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David Fathi – Wolfgang



Wolfgang Ernst Pauli, one of the founders of quantum physics, was nicknamed the “Conscience of Physics”. But he was also known among his peers for something a bit less “scientific”.

Legend says that when Pauli entered a room, experiments would fail and machinery would break down. His colleagues jokingly called this phenomenon “The Pauli Effect”.

CERN recently released their photo archive spanning thirty years of cutting edge research. Even though Pauli died shortly before this archive started his presence still lingers; on a bust, a blackboard, a portrait, a book etc. This series is a semi-fiction where the Pauli Effect continues to haunt everyday life at CERN. Using and manipulating the archives, searching for experiments, accidents and Pauli’s presence.

Science isn’t fiction, science is weirder than fiction.
Teleportation, ubiquity, levitation, spontaneous appearance. Inconceivable on a human scale, but totally logical on the scale of elementary particles. Working in the field of quantum mechanics is a wild ride, and even though the mythical Pauli Effect was a private joke among highly scientific minds, some of them were nonetheless superstitious enough to ban Wolfgang Pauli from even entering their lab.

In quantum physics as well as in photography, the act of observing is not a neutral act. It participates in the outcome of a scene. These photos are sometimes real, sometimes completely fabricated. The observer is actor in fixing what is science and what is myth.

All images from the CERN Photo Archive 1960-1985, manipulations by the artist.


French photographer, born in 1985, lives and works in Paris.

After completing a Master’s degree in Mathematics & Computer Science, David Fathi starts an artistic research in photography side-by-side with his career in engineering. This double practice can be perceived in his photographic work as an intense passion for science and the limits of knowledge.
Through strange, little-known narratives he shines a light on the cognitive biases which make us confuse fact and fiction.

His work has been exhibited through various locations in France, Ireland, England, Poland and Portugal.

Anecdotal, a series about the seemingly fictional, but absolutely true, stories around nuclear testing has received the jury’s special mention for the prestigious Prix Levallois. While Wolfgang, his new series retracing a strange myth about one of the founders of quantum physics, has won the Grand Prize Fotofestiwal in Lodz, as well as the Arles Photo Folio Award, and will be exhibited in the 2017 official program.


David Fathi

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Igor Elukov – The North



That day, as always, the snowstorm was swirling on and on.

We wandered through tundra for about an hour.

Everything was white all around and I started to forget where the top is and where the bottom is.

The snow was filling my eyes and my mouth. It was hard to breathe, as if you are sinking.

It was impossible to see the border between the sky and the earth through the snowdrift. The earth was like sea.

We drove through the abandoned towns with Stalin-era architecture; they stood white, empty, clean, as bones in the field, whitened by the wind.

The thing about this emptiness is that it is impossible to break it, to fill it.

You are absent. It is you who become everything around: the creek, the river, the fire in the stove, the steam over the fish broth, miles and miles of swamps and a lonely man sleeping on a plank bed.

When the snowstorm was over I went out for a walk.

Tundra was polished by the wind, it was perfectly smooth and white, and I felt uneasy that I should leave my footprints on it.


Igor Elukov is a photographer and filmmaker born in Kirov, Russia in 1991. He is a teacher at “Fotografika” Academy of photojournalism and documentary photography, St. Petersburg, Russia. His work has been exhibited in various galleries such as: “Fotografika” gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia (solo) Ian Perry Scholarship exhibition, Hoxton Gallery, London, UK (group). Elukov is based in St. Petersburg.


Igor Elukov

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Adam Putnam – American Spirit



Nostalgia is the reoccurring theme in American Spirit…The medium used was Fuji FB-3000B, a highly light sensitive and discontinued film, and that garners cult-like appreciation. The project was photographed in May 2015 during the off season in a small resort village, campground town, summer colony – Lake George, NY. The village is located at the southern most foothills of the Adirondacks. The town took shape in the 1950’s & 60’s, and has stayed that way since… In its hay day, it was the place to be! Famously, Alfred Stieglitz and Georgia O’Keeffe owned a summer home in there. It’s where New York City went to vacation! Today, 50-60 years later, its just as expensive to fly to Hawaii, as it is drive up to Lake George. So, the area has seen a tremendous shift in its economy, and way of life. Everything visually remains the same, the architecture, the lake, the people; it’s romantic that the ideas still exist, and that the spirit still exists. I set out to experience and document the last vestige of this summer colony, Lake George.


Born in Troy, NY. Raised in Greenfield Center, NY. Attended public school in Corinth, NY, for some reason there was an incredible darkroom… Attended Adirondack community college, for some reason there was an amazing darkroom here too. Attended Hallmark Institute of Photography in Turners falls, MA, for some reason they removed the darkroom the year before… Moved to Brooklyn, NY and worked in the NYC commercial photography industry for ten years. Currently living and working in Bloomington, IN.


Adam Putnam